Welcome to the World Coffee Bar. We believe that having an excellent knowledge behind the coffee you drink every day makes you more appreciative of it. 


We are passionate about the things behind the bean. Coffee isn’t just all about your beloved drink. People’s stories, livelihoods and advocacies were also involved in it. This website was created to share everything we know about coffee. But at the same time, to encourage individuals to support the ethical and sustainable practices of those involved in the entire coffee value chain. At WorldCoffeeBar, we promote and support the people growing and producing the coffee.

Hi, my name is Gabby, and I’m the original creator of this website, previously named coffeeofthenorth.org. I grew up in a small coffee-farming community witnessing the journey of how the beans from the farm are transformed into my daily cups. Through this platform, I want to provide valuable resources and information as an encouragement we needed to begin our coffee journey.