6 Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2022 (Easy to Use & Durable)

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Have you ever made a great cup of coffee using a French press coffee maker? Hearing the word French press for the first time may be a fancy word for you. But this device is considered one of the most popular and heavily used coffee makers across family households.

Most coffee enthusiasts probably have a French press at home. It is cheap and easy to use, so it’s definitely a great purchase.  

In this guide, we’ve hand-picked some of the best French press coffee makers you can use along with your brewing skills to brew the best-tasting coffee.  

Focus best French press coffee makers

1. Mueller French Press

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Top Choice for Coffee Presses: By Mueller Austria

The Mueller Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Press is an excellent addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. Besides being easy to use, it is also easy to clean, which is great for anyone who doesn’t like messy equipment after brewing.

This French press has a double-walled and vacuum-sealed construction that keeps your coffee piping hot for a full hour longer than a regular glass coffee press. What’s more, this device is made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel that makes it sturdy and durable.

Coffee sediments will alter the taste of your coffee. So, the plunger features a double stainless-steel fine mesh filter that screens out even finer grit, keeping the grounds from entering your cup. This gives you the ability to make a sediment-free and delicious cup of coffee quickly. 

Review: While the French press system is basically designed to produce a robust and full-bodied mouthfeel, the Mueller French Press guarantees a full coffee flavor. 

The Mueller Double Wall Stainless Steel is a solid and beautiful coffee press. It is always reliable with its insulated stainless-steel carafe; you can assure that it will last long. So, I think this is also an excellent option for coffee brewers when it comes to portability. Since it’s easy to use, clean, and doesn’t break easily, you can bring it anytime and anywhere you go.

But what I like the most about this French press is it comes with a reasonable price while providing an excellent performance. And overall, I recommend it because it offers something valuable and reached my expectations.

2. Bodum Chambord French Press 

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Classic Choice for Coffee Presses: By Bodum

The Bodum ChambordĀ® French press is an efficient, stylish, and uncomplicated coffee maker that is trusted by millions of coffee lovers worldwide. Indeed, using a ChambordĀ® French press is a better way of making a rich and delicious cup of coffee than using a drip machine. 

This French press’ durable design features a borosilicate glass, stainless-steel frame, and ergonomic handle that are cool to touch and easy to clean. Also, the double-walled, vacuum insulated glass beaker prevents heat transfer or heat loss to keep the coffee piping hot longer.

If you want to avoid the mess and inconvenience of paper filters in your brewing method, then the Bodum Chambord is a great substitute. It has a unique plunger system that separates the grounds from the coffee with no paper filters required. This also helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter. 

Review: The Bodum Chambord is an elegant French press coffee maker that makes some of the best-tasting coffee you will ever have. I have owned this classic coffee press for over a year now, which I always recommend on this blog. I highly endorse it as there are a lot of good things about it. 

The plunger’s filter screen is fine enough to strain fine sediments, allowing you to brew coffee using any grind you want with your favorite coffee beans.

I think using a borosilicate glass over stainless steel for the carafe helps the coffee to taste better. The heat-resistant and non-stain factors it acquires don’t impair or alter the coffee flavor, letting the beans’ essential oils reach your cup.

And since the borosilicate glass beaker and lid are very durable and heat resistant, you can safely touch and fill the glass beaker with hot water without worrying about breaking it.

Overall, I really like the style and design of this coffee press. This classic design is made with original and superior craftsmanship, which will last for many years.

3. KONA French Press 

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Unique Choice for Coffee Presses: By KONA

The KONA French Press is a convenient coffee press that lets you make a great cup of coffee with ease. This small coffee press has a unique & attractive design that will spice your bland morning mood.

It has a double-layer filter that provides a smooth and balanced extraction for superior flavor. Its protective design also keeps excessive heat from hot liquids away from your hands, as well as maintaining the coffee hot for hours. 

This KONA French Press Coffee Maker is available in three sizes with matching lids so you can enjoy your coffee at home or on the go. But what’s more interesting is it comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to pour your freshly brewed coffee into a mug or cup without spilling hot liquid all over the countertop.

While it’s easy to use and clean, its simplicity still allows you to control every detail of your brew, from controlling the extraction to allowing the bean’s essential oil to your cup.

Review: The KONA French Press is a reliable and straightforward coffee maker that you can use at home to brew delicious coffee. It’s easy to use and clean, portable, and most importantly, affordable. Its handle is durable and comfortable enough to pour the coffee fluently, making it easy to serve guests.

However, although this coffee press has a portable design that makes it an excellent fit for camping trips, picnics, and parties where there’s a need for a cup of coffee, I don’t really recommend it for travel options.

While the carafe is made up of borosilicate glass, I find it a little bit fragile and can break too easily if mishandled. Also, I don’t think the combination of the glass body and its plastic frame is good enough to handle and prevent extra shock.

But after all, I still recommend this device, especially if you’re on a budget and just looking for an indoor French press system. This is also one of the least expensive but quality French press coffee makers available on the market.

4. Veken French Press 

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Elegant Choice for Coffee Presses: By Veken

The Veken French Press is a unique and nice-looking coffee press that you can use to make many other types of beverages. You can use it to make coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate.

The Veken French Press Coffee Maker features a stainless-steel frame and plunger, durable borosilicate glass beaker, and heat-resistant handle. Also, it comes with an extra lid to keep your coffee warm for a longer time.

The French press also has a scale line that makes measuring your ingredients simple and allows you to calculate the precise amount of coffee or tea you want in each cup. Having this feature lets you prepare your own brewed coffee just as perfect as the one made by your favorite barista.

Review: The Veken French Press is one of the convenient coffee presses that gives you the comfort to make coffee with ease. It is easy to use, clean, and it brews the perfect cup of coffee every time. 

One of its remarkable features is the four-level filtration system that helps minimize the number of residual grounds in your coffee. This gives you a cup of pure and sediment-free brewed coffee, just like professionals make it.

This is the type of glass coffee press I recommend for travels or camping trips. It comes with a compact, portable and durable design so you can take it with you while traveling or camping. Besides being easy to use and clean, it also makes up to 8 cups of coffee or tea at one time. 

Although the Veken French press is also made of borosilicate glass, which still prone to cracks, it comes with a high-quality stainless-steel frame that safeguards the glass beaker. It’s not 100% effective, and I still suggest a stainless-steel carafe for outdoor trips, but if this is only your option, I think it’s safe enough to be the glass coffee maker for those who love to travel. 

Indeed, by just looking at it, besides being attractive, you will conclude that it’s a very durable and sturdy coffee press.

This is beyond my expectation. And I really recommend it to see it yourself. The Veken French press is the least expensive item on this list, but it’s one of the premium and high-quality products you can have.

5. Secura French Press

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Excellent Choice for Coffee Presses: By Secura

The Secura French Press coffee maker is one of the most popular and bestselling French press coffee makers in the market. This product is an excellent and unbreakable coffee press that lets you brew the perfect coffee.

It’s made from top-quality 18/10 stainless steel, making it highly durable, easy to use, and simple to clean. It also has a double-wall stainless steel insulated carafe, which keeps your coffee hot for hours. It also comes with a cool-to-touch handle and knob for comfortable and safe pouring, as well as a safety plunger to prevent spills when pressing.

The Secura French Press has an easy-to-use plunger mechanism that helps you achieve an exceptional full-bodied flavor with ease. Its 3-layered stainless steel filter structure is designed to trap the smallest grounds and separate them from your coffee, so there are no grounds in your cup.

Review: The Secura French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect choice for those who love to brew coffee daily. Its sleek and durable design can handle your everyday coffee routine. 

I brought one of these to have a look and as a gift for my sister as well. I find it a little heavier and larger than the other French presses on this list. And I agree that it’s unbreakable and definitely high-quality stainless steel.

But I doubt it at first if it can prevent the heat from coming out since this coffee press can hold up to 34 ounces of water, which is considered enough to produce excessive heat from the inside.

However, just like the Mueller French Press, it also has double-wall construction for superior thermal retention. It really keeps your coffee hot for about an hour while managing the carafe cool on the outside.

Overall, I recommend this French press if you want to replace or upgrade from a glass coffee press. I think this is the right stainless steel coffee press to get started with. Besides letting you brew delicious coffee, it’s reasonably priced, and it will last that long.

6. Coffee Gator French Press

Focus best French press coffee makers
  • The Professional Choice for Coffee Presses: By Coffee Gator

The Coffee Gator French Press is also a great coffee press to make a cup of coffee or tea. The sleek, beautiful, and stylish look of this device is designed to make you appreciate every single brew.

The cool-touch handle makes it easy to pour yourself another delicious drink without burning or hurting your hand. Besides creating a nice coffee flavor, the stainless-steel carafe keeps your coffee (or tea) hot an hour longer than glass coffee presses. 

With rugged construction, durable features that prevent rusting or breaking when dropped, you’ll enjoy coffee like never before. Plus, with the double screen filter, you’ll never have those pesky grounds in your mouth again.

Review: The Coffee Gator French Press is a tough (but not though enough as the Secura French press) coffee maker that guarantees bursting flavor. It creates a robust and full-bodied mouthfeel that will satisfy your tastebuds.

This insulated coffee press lets you enjoy your coffee like a true connoisseur. It creates a nice coffee flavor and can be used with hot water, cold water, or ice cubes. Like the other French presses on this list, it’s also straightforward to use and clean.

It comes with a mini canister for storing your next caffeine hit, making it great to use for camping. You can bring it anytime and anywhere on your outdoor trips.

I think this will be one of your options on your search for the best French press for that perfect cup of joe. Whether you prefer simplicity or you’re incredibly picky when it comes to coffee makers, I highly recommend trying this device.

Although there’s nothing extraordinary about this coffee maker, this French press alone is still worth purchasing. Also, the customer service goes above and beyond, which exceeds all expectations. 

What to Look for in a French Press?

A French press is a simple solution for serving brewed coffee. The end result will be a smooth, richly flavored, and little to no bitterness cup due to careful preparation.

However, buying a French press is a lot like buying a piece of sensitive equipment. You can either buy the best one the first time or waste your money until you get something quality that will satisfy your standards and last you for years.

So, to get the best device possible, consider these extra things as your baseline and a rough guide to the quality you can expect.

Stainless steel or Glass?

French press coffee makers are almost completely made from either borosilicate glass or stainless steel. 

A stainless-steel carafe is, of course, more durable and accident-free than a glass carafe. What I like more about stainless steel is that it offers a wide range of usage. However, expect it to be more heavy than its counterparts.

While borosilicate glass isn’t high fragility, which means it doesn’t shatter into many large pieces when it’s broken, it’s still prone to breaking and cracks. But the good side is, it’s more lightly and it’s aesthetically great.

In the end, decide how you like your French Press coffee before you buy.

Filtration System

The most essential part of a French Press is the plunger/filter mechanism. I think it is worth noting that the filter design and their functionality make French Presses so special.

So, if the filter doesn’t work correctly, it can significantly ruin the coffee. Some grittiness in your brew can alter the coffee flavor. And although some coffee presses provide sediment-free coffee, it’s not always the case as different models have different filter designs.

Therefore, you need to check the plunger/filter mechanism of the French press if it offers an excellent filtration system.

Heat Retention

Most people want a French Press that retains the heat longer. A glass coffee press indeed has less insulation than a stainless steel one, making it lose its heat immediately. But the good thing about borosilicate glass is it prevents severe damage and extreme temperature changes.

When it comes to stainless steel models, they can hold heat in for much longer because the carafe has more insulation than their traditional glass counterparts.

Important: Whichever French press you end up choosing, always fill the carafe with hot water before brewing. It would be best if you heated the carafe (whether stainless steel or glass) before making the coffee to help maintain the brewing temperature during steeping. It will also prevent shock and keep your coffee hot a little longer.

Design and Comfort

Don’t just settle on looks. Find the right French press that provides convenience and comfort to brew the perfect coffee.

Does the handle comfortable enough to pour the brewed coffee with confidence? Does the overall design allow you to have control over your brew?


One thing you should consider is how to clean these machines. The majority of French presses are dishwasher safe, so you can stick them in there and forget about them for a while.

However, it’s still essential to check how to properly clean that particular device for the ultimate convenience, especially if you’re a little worried about cleaning it.

But in the end, whether you’re using a stainless steel or glass coffee press, a tedious and careful hand-cleaning is necessary now and again because despite what people say–French presses aren’t as sturdy as they seem. Some of them still require disassembling for hand-washing.


Should you consider the carafe capacity of a particular French press? Although it may depend, I think you should.

Besides brewing coffee for yourself, friends or family, coffee can be brewed by volume or weight. And the capacity of that device can affect that aspect. Therefore, choose a French press that fits the desired volume and weight of your brew.


Some people may not agree with me, but in my opinion, there is no particular French press that is going to make your coffee taste any better than anyone else’s if you’re using the same beans & grind technique.

So, don’t overwhelm yourself on the choices and prices, as even the most expensive coffee maker will not always produce a more superior flavor to the least fancy coffee presses out there.

What’s the Best French Press Coffee Maker?

I know that there are a lot of choices out there (+See Amazon Best Sellers). But these are the French presses I highly recommend. All of these devices mentioned above works appropriately and are fully tested to brew the best coffee. I used some of these products, and I love them.

But after carefully researching and testing some of the top and popular coffee presses, I believe that the Bodum Chambord is the best French press in the market. However, as mentioned above, it’s advisable to bring a stainless-steel one when it comes to camping, traveling, or any outdoor trips. And the Mueller French Press is, I believe, the perfect for it.

That’s it! I hope this guide can help you get started with the French press. Compile all the helpful information, guide, review, and decide what you think is the best.

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