8 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers of 2022/2023 (Top Picks Compared)

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Are you looking for the best coffee maker to take your coffee experience to the next level? Then, I’d recommend a good pour-over coffee dripper.

With this device, you only need heated water, filter paper, and ground coffee. You can create a steaming hot cup of coffee which is exactly what you need to cure your fatigue. And in the end, the deliciously rich flavor of a pour-over coffee is just beyond your imagination. 

However, there are many pour-over drippers out there that you can choose from. This makes it highly overwhelming for non-geeky persons to find the correct item for their caffeine boost in the morning.

Being a pour-over coffee lover myself, I understand your need to find the perfect coffee maker. This is why my list of the best pour-over coffee makers will turn out to be your biggest asset.

Focus best pour over coffee makers

1. Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Premier Coffee Dripper: By Kalita

Kalita managed to secure the first position on my list today with its fabulous line of coffee products. The brand is known in the coffee world for quite some while because of its fantastic production. Let’s check out if the 185 wave drippers are any good.

Sleek design: If you are looking for something sleek and minimalistic, the Kalita pour-over coffee maker is pure bliss. The design is just breathtaking, considering it is a cheap coffee maker. The structure is a flat-bottomed bed with parented ‘wave’ filter. This allows for an even better extraction that will give you an amazing brew in seconds.

Variety in material: The design is available along with the three-hole design of three different materials. Each material provides a different function having various benefits. The stainless-steel design calls for durability, the glass one radiates delicacy, and the ceramic concludes aesthetically.

Easy use: The device is straightforward to use. For instance, brewing coffee should never be a tiring process. Simply brew directly in a cup or mount it on a brew stand, and in seconds, the coffee will be ready!

Final Verdict: The design is appealing, has lots of space, and is available in three different materials. There are no such distinct features, but it is a pretty good deal for an average coffee maker. 

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2. Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Classic Coffee Dripper: By Hario

The next one belongs to Hario, a classic when it comes to top-notch glassware. The Japanese company is known for producing the best heat-resistant glassware. Let’s see if their v60 Ceramic dripper is worth the hype as well. 

Beautiful design: I really love the beautiful design of this dripper. I’m going to admit I am a little biased with the Hario V60 ceramic maker. I mean, will you just look at the breathtaking ceramic craftsmanship invested in this little piece? 

Powerful construction: The exemplary ceramic construction is one of the best as the durable ceramic body retains heat excellently, ensuring a constant temperature throughout the process. The device’s cone shape helps to bring out much-accentuated flavors, while the spiral ribs permit maximum coffee expansion.

Small size: The brewer is pretty dainty; hence you cannot expect it to hold a large amount of ground coffee at once. The device will be able to sustain a good 1-2 cups if you choose size 1. The second size had hold 1-4 cups while the third one can accommodate 1-6 cups at once. 

Final verdict: While the design is pretty dainty and is available in 3 sizes, it keeps your coffee as warm as possible – which is one of the essential traits you need if you’re a coffee enthusiast. I would give this little Hario ceramic one a 5-star rating.

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3. CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker 

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Iconic Coffee Dripper: By CHEMEX

Chemex is a pour-over glass coffee maker designed years ago and has been in demand ever since. The well-crafted, beautiful body is what makes it so popular. Let’s read more about it below!

Minimal capacity: The design is carefully constructed to hold 2-3 cups of coffee and not more. While this may be a disadvantage, it is surely enough space to make a significant amount of coffee for you.

Premium quality: Do you hate everlasting leftover coffee odors as much as I do? Well, then you’d love this little item for it is made of borosilicate glass. This non-porous glass does not absorb any chemical residues or foul odors. The Chemex coffee dripper will be as fresh years later as it would always be on its first day.

Vintage design: The design of the dripper has all my heart indeed. The classic design has a hint of vintage aesthetic with the glass body and ceramic accent. The patented design allows you to cover the coffee and refrigerate it. Although I like my coffee fresh, you can undoubtedly reheat yours.

Final verdict: The design is so pretty you can use it as a centerpiece as well. The capacity is large and has reheating features. It has all the qualities that a coffee maker should have.

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4. Bodum 11571-109 Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The New Standard Coffee Dripper: By Bodum

Whether it’s tea or coffee, Bodum has the solution to all caffeine-related problems! Harboring all the best appliances, the brand has made famous worldwide. Let’s find out more about this coffee dripper.

Innovative design: In terms of looks, I would indeed label this as one of the best. Besides, it is also purely functional. It has a quite elegant and clever design with a dripper over a glass carafe; however, it is efficient at its best. It even takes the least amount of space on the kitchen counter.

Various sizes: The coffee dripper offers three different designs, so you can have one no matter what your needs are. The first one has a capacity of merely 12 ounces, while the second one has 17 ounces. The third has a mightly capacity of 34 ounces if you need a large coffee maker.

Safe Construction: Borosilicate glass has been used to construct the carafe, keeping the product long-lasting and strong. The cork/silicon band will keep your hands safe no matter how hot the coffee is. 

Efficient filter: The stainless steel permanent filter eliminates the need to have countless paper filters. Not only this saves your money, but it also gives you a clear conscience by cleaning the environment. The permanent filter is also dishwasher safe.

Final verdict: This brand is highly trusted. It saves the environment and is affordable as well. While the design is pretty appealing, this would still be a good deal in the long run.

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5. Coffee Gator Paperless Pour Over

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Paperless Coffee Dripper: By Coffee Gator

Whether it is coffee drippers or French presses, Coffee Gator has the best brewers in the line indeed. It’s time to find out if their paperless pour-over coffee dripper is certainly as excellent as it sounds. 

Classic design: Imagine yourself sitting in a posh coffee place with a professional barista and the smell of coffee wafting through the place. That is exactly the kind of feelings you get even by looking at this little coffee dripper.

Excellent taste: The 10.5 oz pour-over maker gives you ample capacity to make as much coffee as you’d like. The 100% BPA-free carafe helps you get the best flavor at maximum capacity with the least effort required.

Sturdy construction: The thing that gained my trust was the cool-touch grip and insulated collar that protect your hand from unwanted or excessive heat. The durable heat-resistant glass further protects from any accidental incidents.

Final verdict: The construction of the dripper is just excellent, which is a huge plus point. You get durability and quality plus the design is decent as well. 

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6. Melitta 640616 Coffee Maker

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Ultimate Coffee Dripper: By Melitta

From filter papers to coffee beans, there is nothing you can’t find at the Melitta store when it comes to coffee. Their coffee maker is indeed a statement, but why? Let’s find out!

Minimalist design: The design of the coffee maker is as simple as it is. But it can produce coffee close to perfection. The device is handcrafted, which means even the smallest detail has been carefully considered and monitored. 

Plenty of space: The pour-over coffee maker produces the most flavorful coffee you would ever taste. Amazingly, you can get more coffee at once as this coffee dripper can make more than one cup of coffee at once! 

Convenient structure: The kit is easy to use and a complete set consisting of a carafe, a brewing cone, a lid, and a scoop. The set also comes along with ample Melitta #6 cone filters, which are to be placed on top of the heavy-duty plastic filter cone. The plastic cone is totally dishwasher safe, which increases convenience.

Final verdict: The brand has been going around for years, so it’s trustworthy. The coffee maker itself is neat and has its filters saving hassle. It doesn’t use a stainless steel filter hence gaining a 4.5 out of a 5.

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7. Kajava Mama Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • Rating: EXCELLENT
  • The Cost-Effective Coffee Dripper: By Kajava Mama

Kajava Mama is a local brand that launched its coffee dripper a while ago. Indeed, locals sometimes produce better than even the best, which is proved by the Kajava mama pour-over coffee dripper.

Countless colors: Usually, coffee makers can be found in blacks, browns, greys, and whites. However, what if I told you that the Kajava mama brewer is available in 8 different colors. These even include camo pink and leopard! 

Seamless finish: The ceramic design has everything you wouldn’t expect from a regular pour-over coffee maker. The design is so pretty that it can even be used as a centerpiece instead of the coffee maker. The classic ceramic structure is also what I love about its design.

Maximum extraction: The design of the brewer is carefully thought out to produce the best results. It has a large hole with an angled design and spiral ribbed sidewalls that guarantee maximum extraction. 

Final verdict: The ceramic construction is seamless and ensures absolute durability while maintaining the temperature at all times. What I also love about this dripper is the variety of colors. 

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8. OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Focus best pour over coffee makers
  • The Unique Coffee Dripper: By OXO

OXO is a brand that covers all your kitchen utensils and has been doing so for the past 25 years. Their pour-over coffee maker might be the last on my list; however, it deserves all the praise it can get. Let’s check out why.

Unique design: Neither the usual carafe designs nor the ceramic ones, this dripper’s design is unlike any other I’ve seen. The pour-over coffee maker indeed looks like it will fulfill its purpose. The sleek white and transparent design has its perks, a little different from the others.

Smart technology: The coffee to water ratio is essential to creating the perfect cup. But you can’t go wrong with this device as its auto-drip tank is bliss. It carefully controls the water flow, which allows a well-balanced flavor with minimal effort. There are even two different whole sizes that regulate the coffee flavor by providing different water speeds. 

Final verdict: The design is a little unique however is fully functional. The price is affordable, so I’m confident enough to give it a total high rating.

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What to Look for in a Pour Over Coffee Maker? (Buying Guide)

A quality coffee maker is going to last you years if you manage to secure a good one, but the question is; how to find a good coffee maker?

If my list today hasn’t been enough, here are a few things you should take care of when looking for a pour-over coffee maker.


The design does not need to be extravagant unless that is what you’re looking for. The structure should be basic but functional. If it has any added goods, then what else do you need. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you already know that I always prefer simplicity.

So, you may want to pick pour-over drippers with simplistic designs and large circumferences that would brew excellent quality coffee in large quantities.


Durability is a priority no matter what you intend to buy. If you’re paying good enough money, then you should at least get proper use out of the product.

Always go for well-trusted brands that will indeed provide you with a durable product. Luckily, we tested and researched these brands, and we’re confident enough to include them on this list.


The brewer should be small so that you could use it in your office, home, school, or whichever your occupation desires. However, you should still need to consider the construction of that particular dripper.

While plastic and glass coffee drippers are excellent for home and office use, plastic or stainless-steel coffee drippers are a great fit for outdoor and camping trips. 


Over-the-top expensive brewers are just too much. If you can have an equally beautiful and functional brewer for half the price, why spend so much? The most important thing is you’re getting the functionality you need in brewing the perfect pour-over coffee.


This influences durability, but construction is a huge factor when considering a new coffee maker.

A pour-over coffee maker is a type of drip-style coffee brewer that uses a cone-shaped filter. They are typically made from ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic, except some made from brass. The filters can be paper, metal mesh, cloth, or combinations thereof and should fit securely into the top of the cone-shaped filter holder.

I think choosing the right item depends on the usage of it. If it is going to be used rarely, you might want to go for a dainty glass or plastic one. However, if the usage is rough, definitely go for a ceramic or stainless-steel brewer.

Getting Started with Pour Over (The Accessories You Need)

Making a great pour-over doesn’t only lie on a great coffee dripper. If you want to maximize the full potential of a pour-over coffee at home, some equipment setup is sometimes required.


You want to start with a reliable coffee dripper. I suggest the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee DripperBesides being simple to use, the ceramic V60 retains heat, which ensures constant temperature throughout the entire brewing process.

Gooseneck kettle 

The second piece of equipment you need is a gooseneck kettle. A gooseneck type of kettle is what you need to brew the perfect pour-over coffee.

I recommend the Hario ‘Buono’ Gooseneck Coffee Kettle because it can retain heat longer. And with a comfortable design, this kettle is not that complicated to use.


You also need a great coffee grinder. It’s still best to grind your own beans. I recommend the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill if you want a budget-friendly unit. But if you want a more consistent grind, then get started with the Baratza Encore.

Some grinders, from entry-level to high-end units, provide consistent and accurate results. Here’s a list of the best coffee grinders for home baristas.

Paper filter 

While some items have mesh filters, some drippers require specific or specially designed filters. While there are special paper filters that you can buy online, I suggest starting with the Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters.

They are designed to fit our recommended drippers for brewing the best pour-over coffee possible. 

Digital scale 

Another thing you might want to include is a digital scale. While you don’t need to use many instruments just to brew a pour-over coffee, you still need this device to calculate the essential variables that affect the flavor.

I highly recommend the ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer for its high precision and sensors that provide accurate measurements.

Mug/ Carafe 

And of course, you also need a mug or carafe. If you have plenty of mugs at home, you can use any of them. I like this standard Glass Coffee Carafe by Hiware for its compatibility with the coffee drippers on this list.


Here was my list of the best pour-over coffee makers that will help you find the ideal device that suits all your needs. My favorite one was the Hario V60 coffee dripper because of its beautiful construction and affordability. 

Which one is your favorite and why. Until next time, happy brewing!