The Best Specialty Coffee Shops In Idaho

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Are you a coffee lover? If yes, then you know why many people love it. It’s said that coffee is not just a beverage but it also brings a sense of friendship and connection. As for its smell, you will immediately know that it comes with a fantastic taste.

That being said, these has led to some places filled with good vibes and the specialty coffee shops and cafes. Among them, did you know that Idaho has quiet the coffee culture? Though this state has a small population, it has the huge boom of coffee scene that has been emerging over the last few years.

Here in this article, in no particular order, you will find the best 15 specialty coffee shops popular in Idaho. Now let’s look one by one.

1.      Idaho Roasting Co LLC

Idaho Roasting Co is one of the most famous, small batch coffee roasters in Nampa, ID. Since 2005, the company have imported high-quality coffee beans from different countries that grow coffee globally.

In preparation, they roast the coffee beans in small batches with a strict and consistent way of following their procedure. They can deliver the freshest quality of coffee that is hard to find in other coffee roasters. If you have not visited this area or live in the place, this is the chance for you to enjoy your favorite cup of roasted coffee.

2.      Java Espress

Java Espress is a drive thru specialty coffee shop that make people smile, build friendships, and is committed to quality. Since 1993, Java Espress have delivered incredible experience to the people within the Idaho community

One thing that separates them from other brands is that they always make sure their customers are having fun to keep them coming back. That being said, they create an atmosphere that builds a positive, uplifting spirit that can enrich everyone’s day.

Besides offering the most delicious beverage that you can drink, they also have genuine, and quality product. Even their services to the community and the customer is outstanding. If you are in Idaho, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have fun and great experience to the best coffee roaster in Idaho.

3.      Neckar

Neckar is one of the coffee roasters that pays attention to details in everything they do. This shop is also popular and well known for the similarity of how they constructed their shops using brick and motor.

The roasting coffee started a few years ago in a garage; it moved to a brewery corner, and today it is a spacious café. The design of their café has a modern interior and exterior design. Also, the equipment they are using complements the aesthetic feature of the café.

When it comes to their roasted coffee, the taste is impressive, and it can even tell from the customer reviews who have already been in the place having their awesome and favorite cup of coffee they cannot forget.

4.      Form and function

Form and function also have a similar history of starting from a humble beginning, but today it is large and has a permanent place. Also, they have stylish decors that complement the design of their shop.

Not that they are minimalist, but they mainly focus on the design, how they prepare their coffee roasted been sans how they treat their customer. Indeed they are experts in roasted beans, and they also have an incredible broader menu that you can enjoy while you are at that place.

If you want to be part of the form and function community in Idaho that enjoys the unique taste of the coffee, you should one day pay a visit to the place.

5.      Caffeina Roasting Company

Caffeina is one of the unique and popular coffee roasting companies in Idaho. The idea behind this roaster is to have a distinctly modern cave that is comfortable for everyone, not only in terms of the place but what it offers to the customers.

Caffeina pride itself as one of the best coffee roaster companies with different or multiple coffees you can choose from. Here you will have the one you like most regarding tastes and how unique the options are.

Here the newcomers can enjoy their visit to this place from what they already know to what seems new to them but at the same time a fantastic option. This place also they have broader other menus for other things like snacks, toast, and many others; therefore, it’s a place of adventure and having fun at the same time.

6.      Push and Pour

Coming from Garden City, Push and Pour is a coffee shop that is worth visiting for. It was opened by a professional skater who first wanted to open a skate shop; however, the next big thing he did was open a coffee shop.

Push and Pour is among the popular coffee roaster that is in Idaho. The shop has its unique way of having decoration and vintage touches that include the color of the coffee grinder, bright red. The place gives a light-hearted feel and constitutes the aesthetic, cleanliness, and specialty of a modern café.

Not only will the environment suit you the most, but it gives you the beautiful space of enjoying your excellent taste cup of coffee. It is a good place you can visit with your friends or family and have a fantastic time as you enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.

7.      Slow by slow

It is one of the well-known coffee bars that offer a multi-coffee. Slow by slow is not also known for its artisanal roaster; it has an impressive and elegant front design.

The coffee bar is good at maintaining the quality of the coffee and the fresh-baked blueberry pie that goes well with the coffee. It is also known around the country, so even a kid in Idaho knows what is slow by slow and what specialty they have.

Their staff handpicks the coffee they use. The personal touch continues to the preparations. They manage to bring the unique flavor of the coffee that you cannot get anywhere except at slow by slow cafeteria. The shop has a mid-century design that offers a relaxed atmosphere, and it can be one of your dream coffee shops that you could never forget once you visit this place.

8.      Dawson Taylor

Dawson Taylor is one of the coffee roasters that has been roasting coffee beans since 1995. This brand has two locations in Idaho, and they roast coffee daily.

It is Idaho coffee roasteries because it is not just shops or cafes, but it does wholesale of the product. On their place, they have a spacious patio that sets a good place for the community or the newcomer to chitchat as they enjoy their selection of coffees.

They have more than eight decafs and other single or blends option that you can choose from. With Dawson Taylor, you are not limited on which roasting you can take but based on your preference; you can enjoy your cup of coffee to the fullest.

9.      Java Coffee and Café

Java Coffee and Café is one of the best Idaho specialty coffee shops and rosters whose aim is to produce quality coffee. You can see this even in their slogan, which says that coffee that rocks.

This java has six locations, and two of the location are among the fixtures of the coffee scene in Idaho. It started in the mid-90s, and since then, it has been flourishing and has gained a lot of popularity.

The java cafes are in free-standing places with enough patio and porch. They have a high ceiling and impressive interior that provide a heartily cozy room where you could enjoy having your cup of coffee there. It is like a palace where you will experience the extraordinary of the coffee that rocks.

10. The flying M Coffee House

Flying M Coffee is a bright, airy, and beautiful coffee shop that serves the best-roasted coffee. It is also known for other tasty drinks like white chocolate and raspberry.

This coffee roaster started back in 1995, and since then, the company has been consistent in what they are dealing with. Today it has become one of the best coffee roasters recommended to visitors as one of the best places they can spend their time while in Idaho.

They have consistently picked a given type of coffee, and they prepare their coffer smoothies, goods and drink themselves. The design and environment they have are exceptional, from the house design and even to the furnishing. They have the friendly, speedy, and outstanding clientele services you will love the most. It is a place to be that you could not afford to miss to visit if you are in Idaho.

They have different signature blends like the espresso blend, house blend, freshly roasted coffee, and others. They are the best Idaho specialty coffee roasters based on their expertise in this area.

11. Goldy’s Corner Bakery and Café

Goldy’s Corner is one of the great cafés that you will find in Idaho. They are among the famous and best coffee roasters in the area. With these coffee cafés, you will find different blends of coffee and other baked goods.

They are open throughout the day, and they are committed to serving their customer with the best services and products. If you are within Idaho and you can grab a cup of tasty and healthy coffee, you can give yourself a treat in this area. They have different options for other food that is gluten-free and vegan also.

Therefore, even if you are on your way, you can stop by there is a spacious place for parking and relaxing before you can continue with your journey.

12. Alchemist Coffee

Alchemist is one of the coffee shops with more than one location in Idaho. Both the location provides the customer with a welcoming atmosphere and a nice place to gather and enjoy craft coffee and other different food options.

Sometimes they offer live music in the evening, making it a good place where you can connect with your friends. Also, sometimes it is used to promote the local vendors by providing room for those who want to conduct seminars; therefore, it is a good place also to connect with others where you can do the best and good deals.

In the end, apart from the superb taste of the coffee blends, you will also have extra benefits from this coffee café.

13. Bright Eyes Coffee

Bright Eyes is one of the best specialty coffee rosters in Meridian, Idaho. It is one of the finest coffee houses suitable for family or friend meet up.

Here you will be able to grab your favorite and memorable drink while sitting by the fire during the winter. Also, during the summer, you can have an excellent time under the shades on the spacious patio. If you have kids, they are also covered.

There is a toy room for the kids, and you can also visit the place with your family. The area also supports the local business in many ways. Here is the place to come and treat yourself to the fantastic services and coffee.

14. Royal Coffee Co

Royal Coffee Roasting is among the Meridian-based coffee roasteries, with a fantastic coffee shop location that can give you a tremendous experience. The shop is in a four-size building and is one of the beautiful fountains of the meridian of Idaho.

Also, here you can take your coffee indoors during the winter or on the shaded patio during the summer. Note that they are a specialty in roasting coffee, and you will not regret visiting the place because you will have a tasty variety of unique coffee you can get in this place.

The area is also suitable for friends and family meetings; therefore, it promotes coming together to strengthen your family or friends’ bonds as you enjoy a tasty drink.

15. Hyde Perk

Hyde Perk is one of the Idaho coffee roasteries that have a good experience. It is a coffee roaster that has fun and has the local touch.

For instance, you can enjoy the breeze at this location during the summer with just an open door. Apart from the welcoming atmosphere and landscape, the place is well known for its tastes and delicious goods.

Over all, the area has a fantastic view, and it’s one of the places you can stop by and have a wonderful time before continuing your walk or journey.


The list above consists of the famous coffee shops and best coffee roasters available in Idaho. It is a good thing when you visit somewhere you have the best experience that will make your stay the best and most memorable.

I hope that this coffee lover’s guide will add value to you when you visit Idaho, having this list of the best coffee roasters, shops, and cafes you would venture into.

In the end, one of the favorite things to do when you visit a given area is to make sure you explore all the exciting places and experience their best coffee scenes.

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