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Would you like to write for us and share your articles with a global audience?

We want to learn what it meant to be part of a global coffee community. We also want to have a thorough understanding about the entire coffee process; from seed to cup, and different coffee cultures. Therefore, we are always on the hunt to find some great contributors from across the globe who are passionate about all things coffee related.

We welcome:

  • Anyone who is willing to contribute informative articles on different brewing methods, coffee beans, latest trending in the coffee world, news, business or just a good old story related to coffee.
  • Authors who are looking for a platform to share their case studies about coffee, cafes, coffee shops.
  • Coffee advocates, bloggers or individuals who want to share their stories and promote their advocacies.
  • Roasters and Baristas who are willing to share their brewing methods, tips, recipes to our readers.

If you are interested to be part of team and get their article published, email us at info@coffeeofthenorth.og and we will publish your article the same with due credit to the author/writer.