AeroPress Vs French Press: All The Differences Explained

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In several ways, the French press and AeroPress are very comparable. Both are considered full-immersion brewers, which means the coffee grounds are steeped in hot water before they are served.

They are different from a pour-over device where water is poured onto the coffee grounds and immediately flows down to the mug through a filter. Due to this, the French press and AeroPress both create flavorful, thick cups of coffee.

But despite their comparisons, they are different brewing devices. Read on and find out the differences between French Press and AeroPress.

Focus french press vs aeropress a brief comparison

French Press Overview

The French press is a labor-intensive brewing method that many coffee lovers around the world use. This is one the coffee brewing methods that don’t allow any automatic devices to do everything needed.

Also, a French press coffee maker is a device used to brew a delicious and robust coffee.

When performing this method, you should measure all the ingredients needed, grind the coffee, pour it in the water, time the brew, and press the plunger.

It comes to its construction; it comprises a metal mesh filter and a tall carafe attached to a long stem. The essential oils found in the grounds are brewed directly through the metal screen, and this means that they are not evaporated or absorbed by any filters.

After remaining in the brew, they result in a more prosperous, more robust coffee with a more aromatic flavor. It is like a plunger that encounters a filter, and it lets you brew ground coffee in a vessel by brewing, pressing, and draining it all in one.

In conclusion, a French press is exceptional because the ground stays connected with the water during the whole brewing period. It uses a much rougher grind and has a much lengthier brewing time of four to five minutes.

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What is AeroPress?

Focus french press vs aeropress a brief comparison

The AeroPress is a crucial travel coffee brewer. It is a piston-style brewer that forces coffee through a thin paper filter directly into a mug.

It’s small, easy and quick to use, and is nearly durable. It is a labor-intensive coffeemaker invented by Alan Adler, the founder of AeroPress. It comprises the plunger and a gleaming cylindrical chamber with an airtight silicone seal, which resembles a syringe.

Moreover, a filter cap is screwed onto the end to hold the filter, either metal or paper, in place. It comes in a bundle with several accessories, including a funnel and scoop for loading ground coffee, a tote bag, a stirring paddle, and a plastic holder to store filter papers.

Fine ground coffee is placed in the bottom of the larger cylinder on top of a paper microfilter. The hot water is then poured over the ground coffee, and the mixture is stirred for about ten seconds before pushing down the plunger to force the mixture through the microfilter.

The AeroPress uses finely ground coffee and thus has a short brewing period of thirty seconds. And behind the process, it uses air pressure to abstract flavor.

Two main orientations can be used to brew coffee. You can use the invented orientation by attaching a plunger to the brewing chamber and separating the filter cap off so that the opening is face-up.

French press and AeroPress Comparison

Focus french press vs aeropress a brief comparison

French press and AeroPress are two essential coffee makers. But both devices have their own benefits, uniqueness, and each has a different purpose that’s worth trying.

Let’s take a look at the list and find out more about the other key differences between the French press and AeroPress in terms of price, design and durability, ease of use, and so on.


The price of French press depends on where you shop and your buying brand, while an AeroPress depends on the distributor.

If you want to buy a twelve-cup coffee press, there are great items that can range from $17- $52. But if you want a cheaper option, you can purchase a 3-cup French press brewer for a price of between $10 and $13.

For more information, here’s a list of the best French press coffee makers. You may also want to check Amazon’s best-selling French press coffee makers for more options and updated prices.

On the other hand, the AeroPress are sold constantly at $39.90 and are obtainable through local distributors all over the world. You can buy it directly from the AeroPress website or check its availability on Amazon.

Design and Durability

The French press consists of a thin cylindrical beaker made of clear plastic or a glass equipped with a plastic or metal lid and a plunger that tightly fits the cylinder and has an acceptable nylon mesh filter a stainless-steel wire.

If you buy a good quality French press and use it regularly, the screen should last for over a year and longer without any issue. A cheap French press is supposed to last for six months to one year.

The AeroPress, on the other hand, is made with a food-safe rubber that is very durable under pressure and is built with fewer parts. It has a chamber made from heat-resistant, rigid plastic.

A plunger fits into the top of the room, creating an airtight seal. It is durable, reliable, and a powerful brewer that you can use anywhere, anytime. Overall, an AeroPress brewer is an excellent purchase as it will last for two to three years when properly taken care of.

Ease and Use

French press is easy to use because there are no paper filters to deal with waste once the coffee is brewed. You only need coarsely ground coffee, hot water, thus mixing them in the glass carafe.

After four to five minutes, you just have to push the plunger down to filter the grounds. After then, the coffee is ready.  

On the other hand, AeroPress can make a smooth, full-bodied serving of coffee in under a minute. The simplicity of use is that you don’t need a unique technique.

All you have to do is to pour and then push the plunger down. It is also effortless to clean.

Flavor Profile and Quality

A French press does not immerse up the flavor and increases tiny bits of grounds in the brew, making the coffee taste better.

The quality of French press coffee is the best due to the use of coarsely ground beans. Using too fine grounds may result in over-extracted and bitter coffee.

And on the other side, the AeroPress coffee has a fresh taste with a clearly defined flavor because of the paper filter that stops any sediment and oil from entering the cup.


Both the French press and AeroPress are great tools for substitute brewing, and it depends on the personal lifestyle and taste.

They are worthy of their job of providing strong coffee in a short time at a very affordable price. AeroPress is the best for travel. French press is the best option for a family who needs a quick coffee simultaneously and is a virtuous device for a cold brew.

The Final Verdict: Which is Better, Aeropress or French Press?

There you have it! I once tasted a coffee brewed with an AeroPress, and I really love the flavor notes. And while French press brew has a fuller-bodied mouthfeel, sweet-smelling aroma, it sometimes creates an extra pungent taste.

When it comes to durability, both can last for many years, depending on the material. But I think AeroPress is much better and it can stay for two to three years. It is also great for travel options because it is small, light, and easy to use.

If I’m going to choose one from the two, you can already tell that AeroPress is the best to use. However, since taste is all about personal preference, some people may still prefer French press.

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