Fresh Roast SR800 ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide! Home Coffee Roaster Tutorial

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The Captain’s Coffee presents our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to home coffee roasting with the Fresh Roast SR800! If you’re roasting with a Fresh Roast SR540 or even an older model SR500, this video will still be a great starting place for you! We’ve also included the most important tips and tricks for roasting with the SR800 and SR540, so even if you’ve been roasting with these machines for years, you might learn some things that surprise you!

Part One breaks down the parts and pieces to the roaster as well as how it works.
Part Two goes over all our most important tips and tricks.
Part Three is a full roast from beginning to end with commentary and discussion about decisions during the roasting process.

Since folks are asking, here’s my usual starting point for a Fully Washed Central/South American SHB coffee:
Start F9/P4
1min F8/P5
2:30 F7/P6
5:30 F6/P6
1C 6:30-7min
~8min F5/P6
Cool ~9:30
Remember this is just a starting point, you will need to adjust for each bean and origin! I wouldn’t recommend this as a template for roasting every coffee. In the video I describe why I’m making the decisions to change certain parameters at certain points in the roast.

We’ve also got Fresh Roast Replacement parts as well as Extension Tubes!

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