How Home Coffee Roasters Can Find Great Green Coffee Beans

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In this weeks video I talk about How Home Coffee Roasters Can Find Great Green Coffee Beans. In many ways home coffee roasters have more information about sourcing green coffee beans than ever before thanks to the Internet. As many new home coffee roasters flood the coffee market, this is the perfect time to talk about how to find great green coffee beans to roast at home.

In my video, I share how home coffee roasters should avoid coffee sources that don’t provide details about the farm and the coffee. A country and a few tasting notes aren’t enough to help us find the right coffee for our needs. I show several examples of great coffee sources for the home roaster.
Whether you love to roast with a hot air popcorn popper or brew coffee with a clever dripper, finding the right coffee is important.
Special thanks to Sweet Mariais for screenshots from their website.
Special thanks to Royal Coffee for screenshots from their website
Special thanks to Cafe Imports, the source where I found the Specialty Coffee Harvest Map

I would love to hear your thoughts about my perspective about how home coffee roasters can find great green coffee beans..

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0:00 It is time to order coffee
1:40 Know about the farm or coop
2:30 Altitude Influences Density & Flavor
4:03 Know how the coffee is processed will influence flavor
4:46 Know when your coffee was harvested
6:59 Be aware of harvest schedules
8:10 Bean Information helps us understand how to roast it
8:34 A High Dense coffee can take more heat
9:00 Altitude, can influence your roasting plan
9:43 Bean size can influence how you roast your coffee
10:19 Dry process coffee will be roasted differently than a washed coffee
11:16 Finding a source that provides as much information about the coffee as possible
12:02 Good source of research information regarding harvest dates, coffee farm etc..
13:28 Sweet Marias is a great source that provides great information about the coffee beans
15:09 Royal Coffee offers great resources to learn about the farm, coffee and how to roast the coffee
17:43 Sharing & the Home Roaster Coffee Community
18:27 Storing your coffee to keep it fresh
19:08 Share your comments

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Do you roast coffee at home? Do you craft single serve coffee and if so, what brewing method do you like? Please share your comments and be sure to like this video!

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I am a coffee enthusiast who roasts coffee from home on my sample size commercial drum coffee roaster. Coffee has been in my life for over 40 years, whether I was selling it or roasting it, I want to share my passion with you.

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